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Welcome to Japan!!

I'm Tokyo based personal photographer 

「atelier mon」is one of project for all families by Shinji Morita photography. I suport your good memory in Japan and  caputure the beautiful moment. Mainly I shoot for wedding in weekend, and I provide shooting service for international client in weekday. Maternity, newborn, birth day, vacation travel and any other anniversary and so on, please enjoy my web gallery and check our rate for shooting. If you are looking for couple shooting(engagement shoot or pre-wedding shoot), please move to my another English web site.(Here is just for family)



This rate are based in Tokyo area, If you want to shoot at another area, Kyoto, Osaka, Okinawa, Hokkaido, I need extra transportation fee from Tokyo.

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1 location
100 photos
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Photographer's transportation fee
Tokyo family photo2


2-3 locations
250 photos
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Photographer's transportation fee
Tokyo family photo3


multiple locations
500 photos
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Photographer's transportation fee

Additional my transportasion fee(tax included)for the following locations:

● Kyoto, Osaka area: JPY 35,000-
● Karuizawa, Nasu, Hakone area: JPY 25,000-
● Mt Fuji, Izu area : JPY 35,000-
● Hokkaido,Okinawa area: please inquire


I'm Tokyo based destination wedding photographer in Japan. I really love caputure the story of your family


Shooting style

I am good at shooting the natural and beautiful moments of family.


1 : Please contact me and let me know the type of session(short, middle or adventure), date, location, and other details of your request. Please choose a week day(not week end).
2 : Deposits are required for booking: Vacation or family shooting needs JPY: 15000-, Payments are to be made via PayPal.
3 : After your session is reserved, we can correspond via email or text message. Further details can be discussed the day of the shoot. 

4 : In case of you are traveler, we communicate each other by SNS(Line,whatsapp). Keep contact for location, meet up time, and meet up point.
5 : On the shooting day, Let's enjoy shooting! Please pay the remind fee by cash or via PayPal after shooting. 
6 : Photos will be made available for download from the web 20 days after the shooting session.

We recently renewed our main English site. If you would like to see more samples of family photos and vacation photos, click bellow link.

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